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Amy’s Chili

First, I’ll have to apologize for no picture but this chili, although delicious, doesn’t quite photograph well…don’t worry, more pics soon of other things! I don’t know why but I have always loved chili, even when I lived on the east coast. If it had meat and beans, a bit of spice and some tomato […]

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Beef Saffron Risotto

I was asked recently for my “signature dish”. That was a tough one. I have a few that I find I make over and over that would qualify. But when it came down to it, I thought about what it is I feel I represent; easy, nutritious and delicious meals that can feed the whole […]

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Western Chili

Are you looking for something to bring to a potluck, bbq or party that is tasty and full of protein and fiber? I used to make this dish when I lived in Boston and then sort of forgot about it. This is surprising because it’s easy and delicious. I was getting ready for a bbq […]

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