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100% Gluten Free Hotel in Italy

Yes, that is what I said! I found a 100% gluten free hotel in Italy, not far from Rome. I will have to warn you. If you go to Relais Borgo Gentile, you might not want to leave. This “agriturismo” is situated about an hour northeast of Rome. An agriturismo is defined as: “‘…synonymous with […]

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Eating Gluten Free in Disneyland

My family and I recently went to Disneyland in California. The good news is that we stayed safe; no reactions for us. I did quite a bit of research before as well. What you should expect is that almost every restaurant on the property can probably give you something. Eating gluten-free in Disneyland is easier […]

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4 tips for traveling gluten-free

Are you looking to have one last adventure before school starts and you and the kids go back to your usual routine? Whether you’re road tripping it or flying some place far away, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming to have to deal with dietary restrictions when you’re away from home. To help lend […]

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