Jessica Alba; a mom with “All the Time in the World”

Jessica Alba with co-stars in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D

In talking to actress Jessica Alba, you get a sense of a down-to-earth mother who gives a high priority to her family. In a phone interview she gave recently to a group of other mom/family bloggers, she said that she was brought up with a strong sense of family. Her mother and grandmother were her examples growing up. She felt like they both made her family, she and her brother, their number one priority and she wants to do the same for her daughter. Whether you are home with your kids or a working mom, her advice is to take time to check in with your kids and remind them that they are a priority.

She has a three year old daughter and just gave birth to another daughter on Saturday, August 13. She said she had been working less and trying to make the weekends family time; going to the park or swimming. She and her husband even have a no computer time rule on the weekends (what? I can’t even do that!). This means no phones, email or texting during that time to give their daughter as much attention as possible.

When it comes down to being a mom, she keeps things simple for her daughter who she describes as a “good eater” even though she can be picky; she says her daughter often changes her mind “forty different times” about what she wants to eat. Snacks for her daughter might be an apple, peach or pear. Now that she’s a big girl, she can eat the whole fruit, eating around the seeds and the pit, even though it’s messy, but it keeps her occupied for a while. Common family meals are chicken and rice with veggies, lasagna, spaghetti and Dad’s homemade tacos (uhm, sounds like our diet, too).

During the interview, she talked about her favorite scene in her upcoming movie Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D. In the movie, she plays a spy; it’s a secret she keeps from her husband, the interior designer. She liked the scenes where she was going into labor during her last mission. She was able to do a little bit of action as well as comedy in which she was having contractions during the scene. I suppose we all have those funny labor stories, too. I look forward to watching that in the movie although I’m not sure it will be as funny as when I waltzed into the hospital, after my water broke, and practically sang to the nurses “I’m here to have a baby” in which case they looked me up and down, smiled politely and said “You’re not in enough pain to have a baby”. Well, wasn’t that the truth.

After having children, many of us know that priorities change and we don’t nearly have as much leisure time as we used to. Alba’s answer to the question “how do you live your dream when there’s only so much time in the day?’ was “I just try to live in the moment as much as humanly possible. And I find that when I’m not trying to live for tomorrow or what’s going to come and I’m really enjoying what is happening right now, I feel like that’s always my best days and when I’m living the dream.” When she does have time to pamper herself, she goes for a manicure or facial. That is something we can all relate to.

For now, she’s happy with her family in this moment. She’s prepared for what’s happening right now in her daughter’s life. She’s overwhelmed with the thought of her daughter getting any older or being a teenage girl which practically gives her a panic attack. (Funny no one on the call warned her about the tantrums of a four year; we will let her figure that out on her own!)

Coincidentally, my kids just recently discovered the Spy Kids movie series. Imagine their delight when I told them there was going to be a Spy Kids 4 coming out. In case you are wondering why it’s called 4D, Alba explained the other “dimension” is a special scratch and sniff card that will be given out before the movie. When the actors smell something on screen, the audience can also experience the same sense. I hope they are eating pizza in the movie! Alba says it’s a great, really fun element to add for kids. Today, “kids are used to interacting with their entertainment”. They can participate in the film in a way they couldn’t before. Well, that sounds fun.

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World in 4D comes out Friday, August 19, 2011. Why not take the kids to the movies this weekend for a unique and fun experience? Even for Jessica Alba, there’s nothing like family time.
(all photos courtesy of the Weinstein Company)

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