The following are actual testimonials from Amy’s clients and fans.


We had a wonderful program on gluten-free holiday baking presented by local author, Amy Fothergill. Her book, The Warm Kitchen has many cooking tips and wonderful recipes for gluten free cooking and baking. We had an enthusiastic audience of 25 patrons who wanted us to bring her back for more programs! I would heartedly recommend her program for any of our libraries.
Ruth Thorsett, Half Moon Bay Library
I wanted to reach out to you last night to thank YOU for the amazing class. It truly exceeded my expectations (and my expectations were high after the awesome job you did on Kristen’s class years ago!)  The food was amazing, the way the class flowed was easy going, the learning of technique so helpful and your ability to “make do” with whatever kitchen items you had to work with made me feel at ease.  I am so grateful and appreciative!  You really do these classes well because you are so laid back and mellow about it.
Amy H.
Thanks so much for hosting the cooking class last Thursday for the mothers club, it was great as usual! And thank you again for finally enabling me to have spaghetti. There are photos of me looking very upset at age 2 trying to eat spaghetti with red sauce and until last year my facial expression had not changed. With your recipe I’ve been making tomato sauce that I LOVE and now I can have lasagna, pasta, meatballs, everything! 
Alison B.
Did you hear the cheering down from our house! The family loved everything! They were ecstatic and it made my month! Everyone was happy. YES! I had a great deal of fun with you. I learned a lot and enjoyed it. Thank you so much.
Sandi S.
Our firm hired Amy to provide a cooking class for a client event that posed a number of logistical challenges. Amy not only conceived and prepared a delicious, mostly organic “farm to table” dinner, she helped make sure a host of event details went off without a hitch. She truly went above and beyond in terms of making sure everyone had a great time and a great meal. From the moment I started corresponding with Amy via email, I had a good feeling that our event would be a smashing success – and it was.  We can’t wait to engage Amy’s fine services again!
Monica S.
Amy just taught a private class for a group of 15 of us.  It was absolutely wonderful!  Amy’s class was well-organized and fun!  She is extremely knowledgeable and gave us all kinds of helpful tips.  And the food was absolutely delicious!!!  I am trying to think of the next time I can host a party just so I can hire Amy again.
Andrea B.
When our children were very small, I got into the bad habit of making “kid food” for their dinners at around 5 pm, then making a 2nd, totally different meal for my partner and myself a couple of hours later. Amy has helped me transform our family’s dinner eating culture. From “kid food” to wonderful, nutritionally complete dinners with all of us sitting down together. We’re all eating salad now (I was the only one who did that before), and trying new veggies, and we make a “Chef Amy” recipe at least 5 times a month. Yum! Thanks Amy!
Dayna C.
You gave us a lot of great information and practical tips on planning healthy meals for the family. The “crazy banana shakes” are the best and my 11 month old is eating hummus now- who would have thought?!
Chelsea J.
I want you to know that the glazed apricot chicken and the quinoa would clearly rate on the top five meals I have ever had in my life… The flavors were so amazing together–thank you, thank you.
Cara S.