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Learn how to cook delicious food…

Chef Amy will teach you technical skills in the kitchen that will enable you to cook at home without taking all of your time. Learn about her philosophy of “stepping away from the stove” and how she makes cooking easy for anyone.

Class prices vary based on location, and can also be done as video classes if needed. They make excellent gifts for your friends and family as well!

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Cooking Parties with Friends

When it comes to parties, good friends and delicious food should go hand in hand.

Corporate Events

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a company milestone or holiday with your employees?  Let Chef Amy show you how to make some special dishes to enjoy on the day of the party and then take home the recipes to enjoy later!

Cooking Basics

Want to learn how to wield your kitchen knife like a pro? Or get the tips and tricks necessary for simple, yet impressive soups, veggies and roast meats? Chef Amy Fothergill can show you how it’s done.

Everyday Gourmet

Who says you have to save the fancy food for only special occasions? Chef Amy Fothergill can show you how to make fantastic, impressive-looking dishes on a regular basis.

Healthy Cooking

Amy Fothergill’s philosophy on healthy eating is in keeping it as wholesome and simple as possible. That means steering clear of the heavily processed fare pervading many supermarkets and restaurants today. Let Chef Amy show you how to make tasty and healthful dishes from a few key ingredients.

Family Cooking

Amy Fothergill knows cooking with children in mind can be hectic: With two born 20 months apart (and one with a gluten and dairy sensitivity), her culinary world had been turned upside down. Amy has since learned to adjust her style to create dishes that are healthy, easy and always nutritious.

Gluten-Free & Other Special Diets (Dairy-Free, Egg-Free etc.)

Chef Amy Fothergill has a lot of experience with special diets. In 2007, when her young daughter was diagnosed with a myriad of food sensitivities, gluten and dairy being at the top, Chef Amy’s culinary world was turned upside down. As a mom and chef, she had no choice but to plunge in head-first. Currently, her whole family eats gluten-free so she understands the challenges many other people face.
Whether it’s gluten, dairy, soy, eggs or any other food, Chef Amy can help you navigate your culinary options and come up with a collection of impressive go-to recipes that fit your dietary needs.

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