Gluten-Free Products

Here’s a list of some of my favorite gluten-free products. Each year, more and more come out in each category so it’s hard to keep up. I encourage you to talk to your friends and do your research. Buying one bad gluten-free product (specifically bread, cookies, or pizza) may give you the wrong impression. Remember to always look at the ingredients. Items marked as wheat-free are not always gluten-free.

Check within your local area; you might have even more gluten-free options from local vendors. Look for gluten-free specialty stores, too. Did I miss one? Send me an email. If I agree, I’ll add it (and thanks in advance for that).

You can find a downloadable version of this list of gluten-free products at the bottom of this page.


  • Canyon Bakehouse
  • Franz
  • Udi’s
  • Rudi’s (make sure it’s gluten-free)
  • Schar
  • Other, smaller brands: BFree, Brea Bakery (make sure GF), Three Bakers


  • Schar (rolls and baguettes)
  • Udi’s baguettes
  • Against the Grain
  • Local Oven (look for them in restaurants)

Pizza-frozen, ready to bake crust

  • Venice Bakery (one of the best; not frozen)
  • Smart Flour Foods
  • Udi’s
  • Against the Grain
  • Conte’s

Pizza-frozen, pre-made

  • Against the Grain
  • Smart Flour Foods
  • Udi’s
  • Daiya (for dairy-free)
  • Spinato’s
  • Conte’s
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Better 4 U

Cookies and Treats

  • My Dad’s Cookies (from my hometown of NY!)
  • Wow cookies
  • Pamela’s
  • Udi’s
  • Glutino
  • Narin’s biscuits
  • Schar
  • Kinnikinnick
  • Immaculate (in the fridge; bake yourself)
  • Liz Lovely cookies
  • Enjoy Life (especially for multiple allergens)
  • Hail Merry (tarts; mostly paleo/low sugar)
  • Trader Joe’s JoJo’s
  • Tate’s Bake Shop (makes both gf and reg)
  • Lucy’s (multiple allergen)
  • Amy’s (not me!)
  • Annie’s
  • Mi-Del (makes both gf and reg)
  • Home Free (multiple allergen)
  • OMG. It’s Gluten-Free! (found these at Disney)

Flour tortillas

  • Mission gf flour tortilla (taco and burrito; our favorite right now)
  • Udi’s (great for burrito-style)
  • Rudi’s (great for quesadillas)
  • Potapas (potato tortillas)
  • Tortilla Factory teff
  • Food for Life brown rice (in the old days, this was a good option)
  • Corn tortillas (always check the ingredients or look for GF label; some have wheat!)


  • RP’s pasta (fresh; very good)
  • Manini’s (fresh; also very good)
  • Bionaturate (good but has soy)
  • Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta (depends on the type)
  • Schar
  • Delallio
  • Tru Roots (whole grain; nice texture)
  • Barilla (nice texture)
  • Farmo (available on
  • Tinkynada
  • DeBoles (I like their elbows and lasagna)
  • Tolerant pasta (made from beans)


  • Crunchmaster
  • Van’s (we like the “lots of everything” style)
  • Blue Diamond almond crackers
  • Glutino
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers
  • Breton gluten-free
  • Milton’s
  • Harvest Stone (has a nice cracker mix)
  • Schar
  • Jilz (paleo crackers)


  • Way Better Snacks
  • I Heart Keenwah (sweet snacks and puffed quinoa)
  • Glutino (pretzels)
  • Late July whole grain tortilla chips
  • Food Should Taste Good chips and crackers
  • Gratify pretzels

Dairy Alternatives

  • Daiya (as in “have a nice day-a”!)
  • Follow Your Heart (this is my favorite right now)
  • Kite Hill (vegan cream cheeses and cheeses)

Gluten-Free Flours

  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Arrowhead Mills
  • Vitacost brand (from

Gluten-Free Flour Blends

  • Jules Gluten-Free
  • Bella Gluten-Free
  • King Arthur (make sure it’s GF)
  • Pamela’s
  • Better Batter (I haven’t used it but I know most people love it)
  • Mama’s gluten-free flour blend
  • Namaste
  • Bob’s 1:1
  • Cup for Cup
  • 123 Gluten Free
  • XO Baking Co
  • Domata (a friend speaks very highly of this one)
  • Enjoy Life


  • Ground Breaker beer (so good!)
  • Glutenberg
  • Green’s
  • S’ Peter’s
  • Bard’s Beer
  • New Grist
  • Note: Omission and Daura are “gluten-removed” and derived from barley so therefore cannot be called gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Oats

  • Canyon Oats
  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Trader Joes

Frozen Breakfast

  • Van’s waffles (make sure GF)
  • Nature’s Path (make sure GF)
  • Gluten Freeda burritos
  • Udi’s breakfast burritos
  • Katz doughnuts
  • Kinnikinnick doughnuts

Frozen Entrees/Foods

  • Conte’s pastas and raviolis
  • Gluten Freeda (burritos, etc)
  • Udi’s (entrees)
  • Feel Good Food’s (the best gf pot stickers; great Asian entrees and egg rolls)
  • Dr. Praeger’s (fish sticks, broccoli and spinach pancakes, and more)
  • Saffron Road (chicken tenders, entrees, etc; make sure GF)
  • Gluten-Free Cafe
  • Foster Farm’s gluten-free chicken tenders and corn dogs (make sure GF)
  • Ian’s (chicken tenders, broccoli bites, and more; make sure GF)
  • Applegate Farms (chicken tenders, corn dogs; make sure GF
  • Glutino entrees


  • Freedom Foods (especially the “fruit loop” style!)
  • Nature’s Path
  • Erewhon
  • Chex (look for gluten-free)


  • San-J gluten-free tamari-based sauces (besides the basic tamari, I love the Mongolian beef)

Download the list of products for easy reference in your kitchen:

Download “Gluten-Free Products List” Amy-Fothergill-gf-products1.pdf – Downloaded 8630 times – 259 KB