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(Amy) has a warm engaging way about her and you can tell she truly cares about people and their food sensitivities.
Kim Rice, Thriving Gluten-Free

… Amy Fothergill, (is) an experienced chef-consultant who now writes a gluten-free column for the in San Francisco and has her own popular Her oversized book has 150 recipes with dairy, sugar, and egg substitutions to handle most allergies. She’s got not only the usual cooking tips, techniques, step-by-step instructions, but also family friendly dishes and how to stock a gluten-free pantry. Everything is covered, from breakfast to dessert, covering soups-salads-mains-sides-breads. Of particular value are her preps for GF breads, mostly based on her GF flour blend. There’s a lot packed in here: try stuffoli, banana cupcakes, battered chicken, shepherd’s (actually, cottage) pie, cinnamon raisin bread, and crispy pizza dough. Preparations have their ingredients listed in avoirdupois measurements, but there is no table of metric equivalents. Quality/Price Rating: 88.
Dean Tudor, Wine Writer

Purchase your copy of The Warm Kitchen and see how easy gluten-free can be. You won’t have to give up any of your favorite foods or spend a fortune on gluten-free products because you can make delicious food at home with easy, inexpensive ingredients.
Alexandra Beane,

Fothergill is an enthusiastic guide to making gluten-free foods that mimic their with-gluten versions, recipes she devised, she writes, with persistence and with the help of family and friend tasters.
Mary MacVean, Los Angeles Times

The cookbook is full of pictures.  Lots and lots of step by step pictures.  If you are a visual learner, you will be in heaven.
Cindy, Vegetarian Mama

…Even without dietary restrictions, you will enjoy this cookbook, learn a lot about cooking in general, and get to make and eat amazing food!
Elizabeth Johnson, Utah Family Magazine

The recipes reflect not only Fothergill’s two-plus decades of cooking experience, but also the voice of one who has been there. Dealing with her and her children’s gluten sensitivities, she made a gluten-free diet her choice and hasn’t looked back since.
Stacy Trevenon, Half Moon Bay Review

…Now there is a new cookbook on the block (that) makes eating gluten-free easy and delicious!
Krista, Everyday Mom's Meals

I’m going to make her Stroganoff on page 102 for dinner tonight! I have flagged a number of recipes in the book to try later
Pam Jordan, I'm A Celiac

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Amy Fothergill has created a very well rounded, informative and easy to follow cookbook with great photos. This book is practical for everyday family living and covers every meal. Great food (that happens to be gluten free) for kids play-groups, or dinner parties. I really like Amy’s tips on stocking the pantry, making focaccia, and I look forward to diving into the sauces and gravies!
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

This is a wonderful book! The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Reading the book feels like Amy is right there cooking beside you. Her egg- and dairy-free options are also super helpful. Two recipes I love: white cake and Chocolate Crackle Cookies. Perfect texture and flavor!
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

The Warm Kitchen is full of recipes for delicious food from ‘soup to nuts’. The book also provides handy cooking tips and valuable information about foods that are and are not gluten free. With The Warm Kitchen a gluten-free diet can be achieved without giving up your favorite foods.
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

This book also has lots of tips on cooking in general from boiling the perfect pasta to making gravy. It’s so much more than just a GF book. And it just looks so darn nice with all those big shiny photos. A must have for anyone trying to go GF.
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

This is just an all around great cook book – you don’t need to be a Gluten-Free eater to enjoy these flavorful recipes.
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

Being gluten intolerant is hard when you love to entertain. The recipes in The Warm Kitchen are easy to follow and the results are truly marvelous. I quit telling my friends that I am cooking gluten free and they don’t notice anymore. This Book has delicious recipes that everyone will love.
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

The Chicken Pot Pie was delicious! I used fresh vegetables, not frozen, because I had that in my refrigerator … The result was an incredible meal that my husband had seconds and my son was still talking about the next morning!!! (My son still doesn’t know it was gluten- and dairy-free). This gave me the shot in the arm I needed to know that I *can* do this!
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

I love this book because it is more then a book of recipes. The author recommends a mix of gluten free flour to keep on hand that makes it easier to make foods!
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

Just made the chicken pot pie and it was fabulous. The whole family (even my gluten loving husband) loved it! I can’t wait to try more recipes.
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

The beautiful cookbook is filled with easy to follow recipes and has loads of helpful hints. This is a great addition to any Gluten Free family no matter your skill level. She also provides substitution options if you have other food allergies in your family. Highly recommend!
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

I found that the recipes in this cookbook are easy to make and the results of the dishes are delicious! I also find that when I want to try a recipe I usually have most of the ingredients on hand. I am looking forward to trying more recipes from the book!
5 Stars, Amazon Reader

I highly recommend this cookbook for the beginner chef but also experienced cooks who want to have consistently delicious recipes that are GF and DF if necessary. I’ve already bought 3 books and plan on buying more!!! I can’t wait for Amy’s next cookbook!
5 Stars, Amazon Reader