Product Recommendations

Amy shares with you her favorite product recommendations including kitchen appliances, gadgets and baking utensils to make cooking a breeze.

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Small to Medium Appliances

This Mini Food Processoris great for your smaller jobs like chopping nuts or making Caesar salad.

This Food Processoris one of my favorite appliances of all time. I use it to make hummus, pesto, pie crust, olive tapenade, shredded carrots and cabbage, and more. I like this size for the capacity and power.

Larger Appliances

4 1/2-Quart Stand Mixer

Whether you get the 4 1/2or 6 quartmixer, I doubt you will be disappointed with this classic stand mixer.

I just discovered this Slow Cookera few years ago and feel as though it’s really a must have. I have slow cooked everything from whole chickens to pork shoulders. It’s always super tender and flavorful.

Pots & Pans

All-Clad 8-Inch Saute Pan

It really pays to spend the money up front with good cookware. Your food will taste better, cook more evenly and clean up is easy.

I find that sometimes it’s good to have a Non-stick Panfor certain dishes like my zucchini pancakes and apricot Dijon chicken.

Gadgets & Tools

This Silpat Baking Mat
is a must have – especially for gluten-free. Nothing sticks to it and it’s easy to clean.

I love the OXO brand for gadgets like their Tongs, Peeler, and Pizza Cutter.

Baking Pans

I use this Muffin Top Pan to make hamburger buns and crumpets.

Family Friendly Products

I use these Easy Lunch Boxes every day for my children’s lunches. They are durable and easy to clean. Two thumbs up!

I use these Easy Lunch Box “Mini-Dippers” for ketchup and dressing.

These Easy Lunch Box Bags are also sturdy, just like the containers. Mine have lasted almost 2 years with daily use! 2 lunch boxes fit into the bag.

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