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Creamy tarragon chicken

When you are looking for an elegant dish that you can serve to both adults and kids, try this one. The recipe is courtesy of Aida Mollenkamp from her book “Keys to the Kitchen” (see the interview and blog post here).  I made it for Christmas Dinner this past holiday and everyone raved. Now, if you […]

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What are your “Keys to the Kitchen”?

I’m lucky. I got to ask Aida up close and personal. If you don’t know her name, you should. Aida Mollenkamp is California-based food expert, TV host, writer, and culinary curator. She studied at the Cornell Hotel School (like me!) and Le Cordon Bleu Paris before joining where she worked behind the scenes as […]

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gluten-free orange beef

Gluten-free orange sesame beef stir fry

I was speaking to a friend today about blogging. My advice to her was that some times it’s ok to just write a quick entry without spending a lot of time. That’s my goal; let’s see how I do (I had to write the recipe; this took the longest). I think you’ll love this gluten-free […]

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Amy’s Gluten-free flour blend

When I started my adventure in gluten-free baking, one thing that stressed me out was the amount of flours in a recipe. It was so off-putting, sometimes I did not want to bake. I was soon rescued by a friend, Amy Andrews of Amy’s Food Room, who gave me her recipe for a flour blend that she had created. […]

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Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Cake

Gluten-Free Chocolate Almond Cake – Torta Caprese I learned how to make this cake in Italy with Wendy Holloway from Flavor of Italy. She was so sweet to include a gluten-free recipe for me. I have since learned that this style, creamed yolks with sugar added to almond meal and folded with egg whites, is […]

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gluten free pot stickers potstickers

Gluten-free Asian pot sticker recipe

I just want you to know that I don’t know and don’t claim to know how to cook everything. Some things I’m not interested in and some things…well, intimidate even me. I suppose the biggest factor in trying something new is giving myself enough time to fiddle with it and being able to live if […]

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How to make a quick and healthy dinner

Don’t think you have to always use a recipe; just cook! I normally don’t post the “what I had for dinner” photo on my blog; I generally save that for Facebook. Today, when I went to the grocery store, I was inspired by the produce. I didn’t really have a plan; I just put it […]

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How to Make Soup

For some people, soup can be a hard dish to make. My mother used to say if you didn’t season it correctly, it would taste like dishwater (true, very true). So, this is where The Family Chef comes in. I’m here to teach you how to make soup. I like to make soup for my […]

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Sautéed Italian chicken recipe

I was working on my cookbook today on the “How to Sauté” chapter. The accompanying recipe was for an Italian chicken that can be sautéed or grilled. I thought it best to test it while it was still fresh in my mind. I like buying chicken that is not raised with antibiotics, animal-products or hormones […]

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