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Veggie Stuffed Gluten Free Meatloaf

Trying to think of creative ways to get the family to eat vegetables? This recipe for veggie stuffed gluten free meatloaf is sure to please! The one thing that is key is to make sure the veggies are par-cooked. If you add raw carrot to ground meat, chances are that after 45 minutes that carrot […]

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Finished burrito casserole

Burrito Casserole

When you’re craving a burrito, is it really that gluten-containing tortilla  you’re after?  My guess is that it’s actually the hearty combination of fillings–the rice, beans, cheese, meat, etc. that got your mouth watering in the first place. Sure you could always make or buy gluten-free tortillas, but why not take a twist on the […]

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gluten-free orange beef

Gluten-free orange sesame beef stir fry

I was speaking to a friend today about blogging. My advice to her was that some times it’s ok to just write a quick entry without spending a lot of time. That’s my goal; let’s see how I do (I had to write the recipe; this took the longest). I think you’ll love this gluten-free […]

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beef stew gluten-free

Gluten-free beef stew recipe

When the weather turns cool, I think comfort foods. With a busy day ahead, I knew my crock pot would come in handy. Once again, it delivered, even with a power outage toward the end of its cycle! Here’s a delicious recipe for beef stew which I have converted to gluten-free. To make it “with […]

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Crock Pot Corned Beef

Yes, it can be done. I mean, in theory, it should be a no-brainer, right? Well, I felt the need to test so that’s what I did this week. I really like the Trader Joe’s one. It’s all natural corned beef, no added nitrites/nitrates, hormone free. It comes in a brine with seasonings. I put […]

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Pot roast

Not My Mom’s Pot Roast

This is easy. My mom didn’t really make pot roast. My memories, growing up in an Italian family on the east coast, were of risotto, bracciole, meatballs and the occasional roast beef. Unfortunately, roasts were not her forte. My dad would always ask her to under cook it “You can put it back in if […]

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Beef Paprikia with Noodles (Gluten and Dairy Free!)

My friend Stuart has been after me to provide some more blog entries. Although he’s a vegetarian, I hope he doesn’t mind this one on beef. I think it’s worthy, and the recipe I provide later could also be made with a veggie ground round. I have recently become a “conscientious carnivore” by purchasing locally […]

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Beef Saffron Risotto

I was asked recently for my “signature dish”. That was a tough one. I have a few that I find I make over and over that would qualify. But when it came down to it, I thought about what it is I feel I represent; easy, nutritious and delicious meals that can feed the whole […]

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Western Chili

Are you looking for something to bring to a potluck, bbq or party that is tasty and full of protein and fiber? I used to make this dish when I lived in Boston and then sort of forgot about it. This is surprising because it’s easy and delicious. I was getting ready for a bbq […]

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