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Healthy Lunch Challenge

When I was asked to create an example of a healthy gluten-free lunch for the ladies of Easy Lunch Boxes and Crunch a Color, I jumped at the chance. It was easy for me because this is what I (try to) do 5 days a week. I have been using Kelly Lester’s Easy Lunch Boxes […]

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Healthy school lunch ideas for kids

Ham “sushi” roll-ups with a little bit of everything(Here’s my review of the eco friendly lunch containers I love to pack lunches in.) The other day, when I was making lunch for my 2 children, aged 6 and 4, I started thinking about healthy lunches since people often ask me for ideas. That day, I […]

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My new favorite eco friendly lunch box

***Read below for discount information*** I love this lunch: a little bit of everything and Crunchfuls for dessert! It’s funny all of the things that social media can do for us. I have met some amazing people that would not have crossed my path otherwise. Such is the case for Easy Lunchboxes, my newest find. […]

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