Real Simple Delicious Soup Review

 Thank you to Real Simple Delicious for providing product samples for my review.

When you’re craving a nice, comforting bowl of soup but aren’t prepared to make it from scratch, there are other options besides resorting to a can. One refreshing example is the Real Simple Delicious line of soups from Cook! These tasty, gluten and dairy-free blends come in the refrigerated section of select grocery stores but can be frozen for longer shelf life.  Flavors include Thai Green Curry, All Bean Chili, Zucchini, Red Lentil, French Onion, Carrot Ginger and Azteca Veggie.

The company—launched in the San Francisco Bay Area just a few years ago—operates under the philosophy that quality and convenience can go hand in hand.

The soups are perfect for those hectic nights when you’re scrounging for a quick dinner the whole family can enjoy. The soup also works well as a base for larger meals. I served the Thai Green Curry soup over chicken and rice and it turned out great (see photo below). The curry wasn’t too spicy (my husband wanted more spice but I thought it worked well) but do be aware that there is tofu in this particular soup in case you are allergic to soy.

The Azteca Veggie, was a tasty blend of carrots, onion, corn and tomato with a nice addition of summer-y squash. The soup ran a bit on the salty side but had a nice flavor.

The zucchini soup was also surprisingly flavorful as I was not expecting such complexity from just garlic, onions and a touch of mild chile. I would definitely get this one again and consider it family friendly. I had some leftover pasta so I added that to mix and it worked well. You could put almost anything in it. It was very tasty.

With special emphasis on avoiding toxins and allergens in our diets, Cook! delivers meal plans and ready to eat dishes to households nationwide.  The soups, however, are available at various health food stores including Whole Foods, Real Food Company and Rainbow Grocery (see website for complete list).

Real Simple Delicious will be changing their name to Nona Lim. Get the story here. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Either way, it’s easy, fresh, tasty, and healthy… the soup’s on!

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