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gluten free pizza

10 Things you might not know about celiac disease

May is Celiac Disease Awareness month. You probably hear a lot about celiac disease but how much do you know? Do you think gluten-free is blown out of proportion? Are some people eating this way as a fad? Maybe. But the reality is not many people understand what celiac disease is and how important it […]

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gluten free chicken tenders

The best gluten-free chicken tenders

Without a doubt, these are better than anything I or my children have ever had in a restaurant! Well, in my humble opinion, that is. When I make these, I make a double batch. We use half for the meal and I either freeze the rest or use it for lunches or leftovers. You can […]

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dairy free substitutes

Dairy-free cooking tips

Whether you eat dairy-free out of choice or necessity, you’ll find different substitutes out there based on what you’re making. I cook and bake gluten and dairy-free for my family and I.  While I refer to the substitutions as dairy-free, it’s actually casein that we’re avoiding. Casein is the protein found in milk that many […]

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San Francisco Gluten-Free Allergen-Free Expo Finds and Goodies

If you didn’t have a chance to make it to the Gluten-Free Allergen-Free Expo this past weekend (Jan 25/26, 2014), here’s a quick review of some of the new (and “old”) products and companies that are hitting the market. This is just a no-brainer. If you haven’t been to Zest Bakery in San Carlos and […]

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Gimme 5 Campaign

If you know me, you know I do not normally promote fundraising within my blog. This is an exception. My friend Cindy is an incredible, positive person. I often complain about managing gluten and dairy-free kids. This is nothing compared to what they have to endure. Read the story below and hopefully you will agree. […]

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