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Healthy Lemonade Recipe

My kids and I made this one day when they asked for lemonade. Making a simple syrup can be time consuming so I opted for the agave nectar. This lemonade is not too sweet and the fresh lemon gives it a nice tart flavor. We also served this at pre-school. The 3 to 5 yr […]

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Focus on Nutrition

I think I’m doing pretty good these days when it comes to what we eat. It always could be better but it’s relative. When I think about what I used to eat 5 years ago and what I eat now, it’s a big improvement. Being pregnant and having kids has opened my eyes to nutrition […]

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Hummus at Pre-school? Really??

This past year, I have been helping my son’s pre-school with their snack program. They went from goldfish and graham crackers to organic produce, yogurt fruit shakes and whole grain, high fiber crackers. The children are very happy and the parents are even happier. I have a philosophy about kids and eating. Don’t make assumptions. […]

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