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 Udi’s new formulated Millet-Chia bread really is soft!

If you eat gluten-free, you might think there aren’t a lot of choices for bread out there. A few years ago, I discovered Udi’s products and pretty much haven’t gone back since. The bread in particular was so much better than most of the other gluten-free bread that was being sold. Other brands more closely resembled cardboard than anything I would put turkey upon. My kids, at 6 and 4 years old, were able to make the change as well. I noticed though, my son would eat the meat and was very often not eating the bread. We tried toasting it and that really seemed to help. No more bread waste with the exception of a few crusts here and there.

Recently, Udi’s asked me to review their products. Twist my arm; ok. When I first opened the box, I saw some familiar favorites (bread and rolls), some products I had not tried before (cookies and brownies), and some things I had not seen before (a new bagel and muffin). I noticed right away the packaging was different on the millet-chia bread; I had it before but thought it was just ok. I saw the word “Soft” and thought…well, let’s give it a try. I called the kids in, slapped on some butter (and butter substitute for my dairy-free girl) and let them be the judge. The jury decided pretty quickly “thumbs up”. Hmm, maybe I should look a little closer.

The two new products that were sent to me might not have caught my attention right away; until I tasted them. The first was a Harvest Crunch muffin. It looked ordinary and the other Udi’s muffins, honestly, seem more like cake. Surprisingly, these muffins have 3 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving. Hello! And the judges once again gave two thumbs up. That was easy.

The next new product was the Mighty Bagel. I saw the cranberries and thought, they won’t like these. I offered each child only a 1/2 so that it would not be wasted. I toasted it up with butter and both asked for the other half. Really? After checking the label and seeing there was 8 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber (yes, Udi’s, some of us moms really read those labels so thank you), I was sold. Now the only issue is finding it in my local store. Actually, once it’s found I suppose we have to be concerned about the fighting that often occurs between my kids when it comes to a food they really like.

Next we tried the cookies. Well, my son and I did. The chocolate chip cookies, although soft and chewy, are not dairy-free. If you don’t have that restriction, you should try them along with the brownie bites. I keep mine in the freezer. When we are going to a party or event where the dessert served will be glutenous, I bring something like this. By the time I get to my destination, it will be thawed. Crisis averted.

Udi’s also sent me white bread and whole grain hamburger rolls. I must say, they are all softer than they used to be. Although they aren’t new to me, I thought I would share some uses for both. I use the bread to make croutons for my Caesar salad, and also for making stuffing. On occasion, I bring the hamburger rolls with us to restaurants which I can trust. They cook a plain burger for us and place it on the bun. There are just so many lettuce-wrapped burgers one can endure.

So thank you Udi’s, not just for the box of goodies, but for bringing some awareness to this mom, who some times thinks she has tasted it all. And by the way, I found the new Millet-Chia bread in my local store in the refrigerated section with the other Udi’s products. When I got home, I left it on the counter. 3 days later, it’s still pretty good with a little bitta butter. I hope my readers will try and enjoy some of your products.

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