Bob’s Red Mill Review

 Thank you to Bob’s Red Mill for providing complimentary samples for my review.

Since beginning my gluten-free journey roughly six years ago now, Bob has been a good, supportive “friend” along the way. And while I don’t know the founder of Bob’s Red Mill very well (I did meet him though), I can attest to the products’ quality. It’s not easy to find oats, for example, that are grown and processed without any cross contamination with gluten-containing ingredients but Bob’s makes it work by sourcing their oats from a specialized farm with dedicated fields.

I only use Bob’s flours in my gluten-free flour blend and enjoy a variety of the company’s other products as well. I know there are other flours out there; I choose to use ones that I feel are easily accessible and work well with my recipes. I’m all about keeping it simple.

 A few months ago Bob’s Red Mill sent me some samples to review and I am happy to report my experiences.

The steel cut oats make for a hearty and delicious bowl of oatmeal that can really stand on its own with just a little salt to bring out the natural nuttiness. If you prefer to add sweeteners and other toppings to your hot cereal, though, Bob’s oats accommodate these additions well too.

The muesli can be served hot or cold but if you consume them cold you have to let them soak for a while in milk, yogurt or juice. When prepared cold with milk, the muesli resembles your standard granola cereal but it’s a little lighter and earthier tasting minus the high fat and sugar content found in most store-bought granola. The muesli tastes good served warm too but this really seems to pale in comparison to the steel cut oats.

The brownie mix produces some truly delicious gluten-free brownies. I’ve been able to make a dairy-free version by substituting vegetable oil for the butter (I’m not a big fan of margarine) and an egg-free version with a flaxseed-water replacement. Bob’s also makes ground flaxseed which I love as both an egg replacer as well as a way to make pancakes and bread more hearty.

While the pancake mix works well in a pinch I have to say I prefer my version, which uses Bob’s flours. You can always add cinnamon and vanilla to your pancake batter; this is what our family likes.

Overall, I’m a pretty big fan of Bob’s products and plan to continue using them in my gluten-free cooking and baking. I’m happy to see how much they have grown in the past few years.
Thanks, Bob!

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