Gluten Free in Maui

Maui sugar shop gluten free

Gf treats at Maui Sugar Shop (and yes, you can buy my book there, too!)

I seem to get asked quite often about how to eat gluten-free in Maui. My family is lucky enough to have visited a number of times. As with many vacation spots, the availability of gluten-free foods on the island of Maui has continued to increase, making it easier than ever.

I think one reason this is so is that many of the dishes are naturally gluten-free like fish, rice, and fruit. However, always ask about seasonings like soy sauce and make sure they know your level of intolerance. I look at reviews from others and ask questions to the waitstaff.

Because I couldn’t find any, I ended up creating my own gluten-free version of Maui banana bread. You can find that recipe here.

These are some of my favorite places to dine or buy gluten free in Maui (there is a list of grocery stores at the bottom of the post, past all of the mouth watering food!). Did I miss anything? Leave a comment if you have a good tip. Mahalo!

Closed: Maui Sugar Shop: I met owner Zane at Star Noodle about a year before he opened the bakery. We had a connection and kept in touch. I was just thrilled when I learned he and his partner Cynthia opened this 100% gluten-free and organic bake shop. It’s definitely a must stop on your list of where to go in Maui, even if you aren’t gluten-free! I was finally able to visit and, as I expected, they didn’t disappoint. Seeing that picture of the cream puff…oh my! (I’m so sorry to report the bakery is closed and they are no longer making special orders). 

Star Noodle: Not a 100% gf restaurant but we always feel well cared for. The food is absolutely delicious and menu inventive. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time; it’s a busy place.

Maui Brick Oven: This 100% gf restaurant is not fancy but delivers on safe, tasty food. We have visited this family-run establishment a few times. The fried food is a real treat!

Slappy Cakes: A fun restaurant where you will find a griddle in the middle of the table. Once provided with a squirt bottle of gluten-free and vegan batter, you can go to town to make your own pancakes. Make sure to ask them to double wash the griddle if you have any cross contamination concerns. If pancakes aren’t your thing, they have a gluten-free menu with basic breakfast options.

Gluten Free in Maui

From the top: Star Noodle, Maui Brick Oven, Slappy Cakes

Cafe O’Lei: Hands down, this is my favorite place to get a good Mai Tai! They offer many options for gluten-free including a delicious flatbread.

Mama’s Fish House: We felt very well taken care of at this iconic restaurant in Paia. Most of the menu is already gluten-free so it was easy. This was one of our very special evenings out. Make sure to make a reservation and budget extra time for the experience. Although the name may seem like it’s casual, I would put this in the fancier category, based on service, ambiance, and price.

Mala Ocean Tavern: At one end of the town of Lahaina, we loved this restaurant for its gorgeous views and chick pea flour based flatbread.

Duke’s Beach House: Located right on the beach, Duke’s provided us with a number of safe options. The food, service, and atmosphere was all very nice.

Fish Market Maui: Looking for really good grilled fish tacos? This is your place. You can also buy fresh fish that was caught earlier that day.

Sea House Restaurant: One of our favorite places for breakfast, they provide gf pancakes and egg dishes. We also had a very tasty dinner there. If you have celiac disease, make sure to tell them. Although the french fries sounded good, the staff knew they wouldn’t be safe for us because of the fryer. I appreciated their knowledge.

Merriman’s: The food, view, service and decor is unmatched. This is another special treat like Mama’s Fish House. Our meal was delicious but I felt they could have done better with gluten-free options. The sunset was spectacular.

Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar: Another iconic restaurant in the Kapalua area, this sushi joint doesn’t disappoint.  Delicious and creative, this is another one of my favorites.

Coconut’s Fish Cafe: Although I would have loved a gf version of their fried fish taco, I have to admit the price was right as well as the plate. The fish is fresh and seasoned well. Some times that’s all you need.

Peace Love Shave Ice: This has to get a shout out as it was so much better than any of the other shave ices we had. Also, their syrups do not have artificial colors or flavors. That’s always a bonus. If you visit Kihei, it’s worth a stop.

Gluten Free in Maui

More gluten-free in Maui! Cafe O’Lei, Mai Tai, Mama’s, Dukes, Mala, Fish Market, Sea House, Merriman’s Peace Love

Grocery Stores:

Farmers Market Maui

Whole Foods Maui

Safeway Lahaina (other locations)

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