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Yummy, Yummy in my Tummy!

Yes, that is what my 4 year old said tonight of dinner. And what was it? An easy, tasty dish that was ready in less than 31 minutes (just in case Rachel has that 30 minute thing copyrighted!): Grilled Italian Sausages served on top of Lentil-Rice Pilaf with Peas. My family really likes sausages (remember, […]

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Gluten Free Flaxseed Pancakes

Yum…who doesn’t love pancakes with syrup? Many of us do. When I found out my daughter had food sensitivities, gluten was one of those no-no foods. I had spent the last year, making delicious, healthy pancakes at least once a week for my family. Now, I felt like I had to start over. Some times […]

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Gluten Free Carrot Muffins

¬†Dealing with food allergies and sensitivities can be a difficult and frustrating experience, especially if it’s for children. My daughter was diagnosed with a multitude of food sensitivities that we think are associated with her eczema. It forced me to rethink meals, snacks and parties. After living with it for over 6 months, talking to […]

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