Farmigo brings Farmer’s Markets to you

Would you be interested in a company which brings delicious farm-fresh foods to families but also benefits farmers?  Farmigo has the potential to change the way San Francisco families eat.

The first online farmer’s market has been launched as of December 11 to connect communities (such as workplaces, schools and community centers) directly to complementary local farms to provide “food community” members with an online marketplace for local, fresh-from-harvest food. They have kicked off in a handful of markets, and the Bay Area is one of them. (Get a look at what they are doing in Brooklyn here).

Once the food community site is established, it will be matched with complementary local farms that offer seasonal fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, cheeses (even wine and coffee in some locations) that was harvested within 48 hours of delivery and has traveled less than 100 miles.

The farms drop off the orders at the site at the same time each week and members can come by to collect their fresh produce. It’s a great way to bring communities together over food, and Farmigo even helps organize events for all the new communities.

Farmigo recognized there were many awesome, passionate people in the Bay Area, not just San Francisco, who want to bring fresh food to their communities.  Food sites can be organized at almost anywhere that a group of people can get together, etc. Anyone who is interested in a Farmigo food community can sign up on as of today. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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