Top 10 Food finds at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2013

Forgive me. The Winter Fancy Food Show was in January, 2013. I’m finally sitting down for my review. Of the 80,000 products, these are the ten that stood out. Some are new and some are sort of new. Hopefully they will help you in some of your food purchasing decisions! There were so many, I included a few at the end as well (and I still probably left off another 10!).

Note: although I write a lot about gluten-free food and try to only eat those items that don’t contain gluten, these items may or may not be certified gluten-free.

Here it goes, in no particular order:

1. Just Cook Foods
This was probably one of my favorites of the show. I have used the Gimme Steak for tri-tip and the Herbed Coffee rub for chicken. They served carnitas pork with the Herbed Coffee rub; it was one of the best things I had all day. I love that they are local, their spices are delicious yet approachable (my kids really like them), and that they have a great story. I would suggest you try them.

2. Oren’s Artisan Nut Blends

 He’s a caterer from the Oakland, CA area. I hope he’s successful. The nut blends are well thought out, very flavorful, and not too spicy.

3. Stack Wines
It might not be the best wine, and that’s okay. The concept is super fun and makes me want to go on a picnic.

4. Bar Gelato by Naia
How fun is it to have gelato? It’s like a walk through the streets of Rome. Well only if it’s good and Naia is good. They also offer their gelato on a stick, great for picking up in a store when there’s no sign of a gelateria nearby. Get information about the gelateria side here.

5. Pittas Halloumi
If you have never had halloumi and if you like grilled cheese, you should try this cheese. Hopefully it will be available in Trader Joe’s later this year. Halloumi is almost like tofu but with a creamier texture. It holds its shape and can be served many different ways.

6. Toffee Talk
It’s pure and simple. It’s really good toffee. If you see it, buy it! It’s not low-fat or low sugar but it tastes just like toffee should.

7. Desiderio Chocolates

It’s not too often that you can find a caramel that is made without milk. My daughter eats dairy-free and really misses them; sea salt caramel was one of her favorites. Although it’s not certified gluten-free (it’s made in a shared kitchen with gluten ingredients), it’s something she can tolerate since she does not have Celiac disease. I hope I can find them in a store near me.

8. Pacific Beach Peanut Butter
It’s not often that I stop and actually talk about peanut butter but this brand is really tasty. I especially liked the CinnaYum which combines their very fresh tasting peanut butter with ground cinnamon. When I need something sweet, I grab a spoonful and feel satisfied (even though there’s no added sugar!).

9. Sabatino Truffle Risotto
Technically I had this last year but I made the mistake of not writing down the name or taking a photo. They also make a truffle macaroni and cheese. I loved the risotto, and even though I make my own, would use this product.

10. La Quercia Meats
I know some of you say “umm, bacon…prosciutto…salami.” If you do, you should check out this brand  of artisan crafted cured meats (available in my local store). I really enjoyed the Prosciutto Tamarind and the Lomo. Check them out.

Some other honorable mentions:
Foamz: Fruit-infused foam to top your favorite beverage

People may poke fun at Guy sometimes but I think this sauce would be great for pizza: pepperoni marinara!

KO Ketchup-more for adults but very tasty. They had the best “booth” which really was a food truck!

Literally Fresh Ginger Ale. Loved the…freshness and think it could make a great cocktail. Would probably cut it a bit with some sparkling water since it’s sweet. When I asked, they said they are working on it but the sugar does help to preserve it.

Who would have thought that parchment paper would make me stop but it did.Love the professional look of the cups and you can use the bags to make your own microwave popcorn! Oh yes, you can use the bag to make fish en papillotte as well.

Loved these pureed sauces/soups which can be found in the freezer section. Nice to talk shop with the chef while I was there.

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    Ellin's Blog March 5, 2013 at 1:44 am #

    Amy, thanks for including us in your Top 10 finds at the #WFFE13! We are thrilled to be included and love that our sweet confection is Gluten Free! Hope to see you soon.

    Fondly, Ellin & Catherine

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