5 Tips for Enjoying a Gluten-Free Expo

If you have never been to a gluten-free expo before put on by the very talented and organized people from the Gluten-Free Allergen-Free Expo, you are in for a treat. I will be attending their Dallas expo this weekend; it will be my third with them. After looking through some photos, I thought of some things that might be helpful if this is your first time:

1. Come hungry! There will be many, many samples to try. However, the one caveat is that they tend to be starchy so have a good breakfast with some protein that day. You might even want to have some (gluten-free) protein on you in case you start to fade.

2. Drink water. All of that walking around, sampling, and talking can make you thirsty.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. Did I mention there’s a lot of walking? And expect to be tired at the end.

4. Bring an extra bag or two. Vendors have lots of giveaways. You never know what you might go home with (perhaps a cookbook or two??).

5. Have fun and socialize! These expos are a great time to not only meet vendors but other people who are in the same boat as you. Talking to people who have a food intolerance or sensitivity with you or a family member can really make you feel “normal”. I know that some times I feel like I’m the only one out there (especially when I travel or I’m out, watching people eat bread, pizza or cookies). It’s nice to know we have a community. Make the most of it. Talk to the vendors as well. It’s always interesting to find out how they got started. Who knows; maybe you will meet Gluten-Freeda or Kyra from Crave Bake Shop?!

Check out these photos of past expos.

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